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This game is short and sweet, and offers a super immersive setting. The art is incredible and anchored me in right from the start. The story was well-fleshed out, although I would say it worked even better without the text. I was legitimately scared of the bot as soon as I heard his metallic footsteps echo across the chamber.

This was possibly the most my heart-rate has gone up while playing a game given the time limit and unknown consequences of the bot capturing me. Everything just worked together, and I felt uneasy and panicked the whole way through!

Thank you for this awesome project. It's games like this that keep me striving to create games myself :)

OK, let me know when I can play your game!

This game was interesting to playthrough, the Entity 02B had a HAL 9000 vibe to it and the exterior shell is unnerving to say the least.

 The game is interesting in that it poses the concept of what if the tables were turned and we were the experiment of a sentient race that gained higher knowledge after first being created by us, which is a frightening concept if we ever advanced technology that far.

 The asthetics are great especially the imagery of the frozen wasteland outside and the habitat of the Entity it has that sterile and robotic atmosphere.

 The only real criticism i would have is the countdown timer before the Entity breaks free is a little bit too long , but this is probably due to the puzzle to get all 5 lights green which could be a struggle for some.

 Overall a nicely done game with smooth play that produces thought provoking questions.


Wow, thanks. : )


This was pretty good! The story got me thinking about the ramifications of pushing for higher intelligence in autonomy. I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:


Nice video and commentary! You really deserve more subscribers.

Thank you so much!

This was visually beautiful.. not much to it though, it could have so much potential.. I hope you keep developing it.

The ending reminded me of a scene out of the film "I am mother".. even the way the story described itself seemed like it might have been inspired by that movie..  any chance it was?

Actually, I haven't seen the movie.

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Pretty impressive coincidence :) it deals with a story where there's only a couple of surviving humans.. the world is ran by AI.. and there's a scene where someone opens the large bunker hatch to find an army of AI machines standing .. very much like in your game :) good movie
And good game

I was scared in the very first moment...hahaha

Great game hope to see more soon, thanks :)


Your welcome :)

Nice little game. Loved the atmosphere and the design. Great story!

Thank you very much. : )

I absolutely loved this game! The attention to detail was amazing and the game looked great as well as played good. I would definitely play this game if it was released. If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below.

Great video, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. : )

This is an absolutely outstanding premise that could be made into something more substantial. I hope you do!

Thank you!

Really liked this game. Nice quality graphics in an awesome looking environment. Great atmosphere, gave a real feeling of isolation, and the android dude was quite threatening. The one thing I felt didn't work well was the timer. It was too long. I had found a way out with still plenty of time left on the clock. I think it would be better with a shorter timer and a real threat of being chased in the corridors, having to hide and avoid. Still a really good game though with a cool ending.

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Thank you! : ) As for the timer - it really depends, I saw some players struggling with this part and barely making it on time. Also (SPOILER) the timer is rarely set for 3 minutes, it's usually 2:30. It's set for 3 minutes only if you win the race in Day 3. As for being chased in the corridors - have you tried not making it on time? : )

Very interesting indeed.


Lol. What do you mean??

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Just a friendly warning before watching the movie. : )

lol! You're the best!! Please keep me posted on any future projects you may drop. I'm a huge fan. Happy Holidays to you and your family.