A downloadable game for Windows

The Subject is a short horror First Person Perspective game set in a dystopian future.

Avg. play time: 10-15 minutes

Graphic assets by Jonathon Frederick

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded package and run The_Subject.exe file.


The_Subject.zip 596 MB


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This was pretty good! The story got me thinking about the ramifications of pushing for higher intelligence in autonomy. I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:


Nice video and commentary! You really deserve more subscribers.

Thank you so much!

This was visually beautiful.. not much to it though, it could have so much potential.. I hope you keep developing it.

The ending reminded me of a scene out of the film "I am mother".. even the way the story described itself seemed like it might have been inspired by that movie..  any chance it was?

Actually, I haven't seen the movie.

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Pretty impressive coincidence :) it deals with a story where there's only a couple of surviving humans.. the world is ran by AI.. and there's a scene where someone opens the large bunker hatch to find an army of AI machines standing .. very much like in your game :) good movie
And good game

I was scared in the very first moment...hahaha

Great game hope to see more soon, thanks :)


Your welcome :)

Nice little game. Loved the atmosphere and the design. Great story!

Thank you very much. : )

I absolutely loved this game! The attention to detail was amazing and the game looked great as well as played good. I would definitely play this game if it was released. If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below.

Great video, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. : )

This is an absolutely outstanding premise that could be made into something more substantial. I hope you do!

Thank you!

Really liked this game. Nice quality graphics in an awesome looking environment. Great atmosphere, gave a real feeling of isolation, and the android dude was quite threatening. The one thing I felt didn't work well was the timer. It was too long. I had found a way out with still plenty of time left on the clock. I think it would be better with a shorter timer and a real threat of being chased in the corridors, having to hide and avoid. Still a really good game though with a cool ending.

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Thank you! : ) As for the timer - it really depends, I saw some players struggling with this part and barely making it on time. Also (SPOILER) the timer is rarely set for 3 minutes, it's usually 2:30. It's set for 3 minutes only if you win the race in Day 3. As for being chased in the corridors - have you tried not making it on time? : )

Very interesting indeed.


Lol. What do you mean??

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Just a friendly warning before watching the movie. : )

lol! You're the best!! Please keep me posted on any future projects you may drop. I'm a huge fan. Happy Holidays to you and your family.